Hidden Savings Secret

Interest rates are at their lowest levels in decades. Home prices are more affordable today than ever before.

Time and time again, owning a home is proving to be less expensive than renting – even without looking at the biggest hidden secrets to savings. 

One form of savings, which is often unknown to new and prospective home owners is the tax savings. Sticking to the basics of accounting, the simple strategy is that when you pay mortgage interest on your primary residence (rather than rent), you get to deduct these expenses on your tax return. But that's not all! Even as you move in to your own home, you get to claim more tax exemptions in the form of employee benefits from your employer. That means you will see an immediate increase in your monthly take-home pay, because less taxes are withheld from your monthly paycheck.

If you account properly for the tax savings, owning a home can save you up to 30% less than renting and sometimes your savings can be even greater.

There are many aspects of home ownership that are truly liberating. When adding the actual savings you gain through tax benefits, principal pay-down and low interest rates to those already liberating aspects; I'm sure you will agree that it does not make sense to keep renting.

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— Douglas Adam

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